Increase Your Income with Tampa’s Premier Realtor Co-Op Program

Double Your Commissions with Our Guaranteed Cash Offers on Your “As Is” Homes!

Join our Realtor Co-Op Program and turn ‘as is’ homes into fast, profitable sales. Benefit from our fast cash offers, quick closings, and bonus incentives exclusive to Tampa Bay and the surrounding areas.

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Homeowner Benefits

Seamless Selling Experience

Empower Your Clients with Tampa’s Quickest ‘As Is’ Home Sales

Give your clients what they really want: a stress-free, swift sale without the hurdles of home prep or multiple showings or repairs. Partner with us to offer a tailored, hassle-free selling journey that sets you apart as a Realtor® in Tampa and its surrounding areas.

Your clients receive many benefits, including:

Immediate Cash Offers

Eliminate the waiting game for your clients. No more prolonged negotiations or uncertainties.


No Home Prep Required

Your clients can skip the repairs, cleaning, and staging. We buy their homes ‘as is.’


One-Time Walkthrough

Forget multiple disruptive showings. Our in-house project manager conducts a single, thorough walkthrough.


Swift Closings

No endless paperwork or extended timelines. Our streamlined process ensures fast closings, making your clients happier and more satisfied.


No Hidden Costs

Transparency is our hallmark. No hidden fees—what you see is what you get.


Local Expertise

As seasoned professionals in Tampa and the surrounding areas, we offer fair and market-driven cash offers.


Post Occupancy Program

Our Post Occupancy Program allows the Seller to stay in the property for up to one month after the closing date, making the sales transaction as easy and flexible as possible.

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Benefits for Realtors

Increase Your Income

Unlock New Revenue Streams with Tampa’s Premier Realtor Co-Op Program

Are you tired of slow-moving listings and limited commissions? Unveil a new revenue stream and close deals faster through our Realtor Co-Op Program. Exclusively designed for Tampa-based Realtors®, our program transforms ‘as is’ listings into golden opportunities.


Double Commissions

Benefit from representing both the Buyer and the Seller on the initial transaction. That’s right — double the commission on each deal.


Future Listing Opportunities

Once we renovate or repair, you get the first crack at listing the property, opening up another commission stream.


Bonus Incentives

Earn a $2000 bonus on the first property we purchase each month, and a whopping $3500 for any additional properties. Cash in on your listings like never before.


Fast & Easy Closings

Impress your clients with our streamlined closing process, building your reputation for efficient sales.


Expand Client Base

Our program offers a solution for clients who would otherwise struggle to sell—making you a hero and expanding your clientele.


Local Advantage

Utilize our deep understanding of the Tampa real estate market to provide your clients with the fairest, most competitive offers.

See it in Action

How Tampa Realtors® Transform ‘As-Is’ Listings into Income

Simply follow the next steps in our straightforward process to proceed...

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Click on the "Get Your Offer" button to qualify the property for purchase.

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If our offer is close to your Seller’s criteria, submit any pictures you have of the property.

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One of our Representatives will reach out to you within 24 hours to approve the deal or set up a walk thru.

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If a walk thru is needed, we will enter into a sales contract with a very short inspection contingency then schedule the walk thru with you to be completed within 3 business days.

Please note, we do not attend “cattle calls” if we commit to buy contingent upon a basic inspection, we must have a signed agreement to purchase, this can be an assignment or a contract.
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Set up closing and get paid! Our acquisitions team is experienced at making this process as smooth as possible.

In some cases, we can purchase the property using your pictures. However, on occasion we need access to the property to complete a basic inspection.

If access is needed, we will enter into a sales agreement and within 3 days we will do a walk thru and approve the deal. We understand that your time under contract is valuable, so we carefully evaluate the property before entering into the contract. If we enter into a contract, we are serious about finalizing the purchase and will deposit 5K in escrow as a good-faith sign of our commitment to purchase.

We prefer to use Title Exchange of Pinellas; they are investor friendly and understand our process, however we can also use your preferred Title Company.

Partner With Us To Sell Your Client’s Homes Quickly!

Contact us today and let’s unlock the full potential of your real estate business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How soon can you close?

A. As soon as the Title is ready, which is typically less than 2 weeks.

Q. How do I know you won’t go around me?

A. We understand that trust is a major component of ensuring the continued success of this program and we value our realtor partners. Your information is strictly confidential, and you can rely upon our commitment to treat you honestly and fairly.

Q. Do you pay closing costs?

A. Yes.

Q. Do you require an inspection period?

A. It depends on the age, price, and pictures available. If we need an inspection period, it is for a maximum of 3 business days. Inspections are as discreet and private as possible and are completed within 10 to 15 minutes.

Q. What areas do you buy in?

A. We are currently offering this program in the Tampa Bay area and surrounding regions.

Q. What types of properties do you buy?

A. Single family, condos, townhomes, mobile, or modulars that own the land they sit on and vacant land.

Q. Do I need to fill out the form just to get an offer on the property?

A. We respect your time, but we do need this information. We have streamlined our system to make it work as easily as possible for all involved.